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Car Accident - Now What?

T-Bone Car AccidentIf you have been in an accident in South Carolina, your need to know what to do and that the law requires drivers to take certain steps if the collision results in injury or death.

Check for Injuries - Render Aid -

First things first. Take care of yourself and others who may be injured. Check yourself for injuries. If you or others are injured, call 911 or ask someone to do it for you. If you are not to seriously hurt, check on others.

Call For Medical Help

If medical assistance is needed, call 911. Give them the information they ask for so they can do their job of getting help to where it is needed. Prompt medical treatment is more important than other concerns like property damage.

Call Police

In South Carolina, the driver involved in an accident resulting in injury or death must immediately notify the local police department or the office of the county sheriff or the nearest office of the South Carolina Highway Patrol. (S.C. Code Ann. §56-5-1260.) If the accident is not investigated by the police and a person is injured, dies or there is property damage of $1,000 or more, then within 15 days of the accident, the information about the accident and proof of insurance must be sent to the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles. (S.C. Code Ann. §56-5-1270).

Get to Safety

If you are able to and it is safe to do so, pull your car to the side of the road so it will not be a hazard. Otherwise, leave the car and get yourself to a safe place.

Warn others and Wait for Help

Turn off your engine, turn on your hazard lights and use road flares to warn others to slow down. Wait for help to arrive.

Take Photos

If you have a camera or camera on your phone, its a good idea to take pictures at the scene. Consider getting pictures of the following:

  • The vehicles involved, including license plates
  • Damage to the vehicles
  • Markings on the road
  • Any other evidence of how the collision happened

Document the Accident

Speak with your lawyer and the police about the details of the accident. Consider taking the following steps to document the accident:

  • Identify the officers - Once the police arrive, get the name and badge number of all responding officers.
  • Get a copy- Ask the police where you can get a copy of the accident report.
  • Take pictures - Document the accident thoroughly by taking snapshots from different angles, showing the damage done.
  • Take names - Write down the names, addresses and phone numbers of all parties involved, including any passengers in the other vehicle.
  • Talk to witnesses - If there were any witnesses to the accident, take down their names and their contact information too.

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