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Catastrophic Injuries

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A serious injury can be defined as damage that permanently alters a victim's life. These are very grave matters that often cause a great deal of mental, emotional, physical, and financial strain on the victim and their loved ones. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured by the careless or negligent behavior of another, you may be filled with anxiety over the future. Having to deal with lost wages, pain and suffering, and medical expenses may be just the beginning of your challenges. The good news is that our Charleston catastrophic injury attorneys are here to help.

If you suffered any of the above or another form of serious injury, the Charleston catastrophic injury lawyers at our firm can help you determine if another can be held liable for your injury. We have been representing victims of serious injuries for numerous decades, helping them seek compensation on their journey towards recovery.

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Common Causes of Catastrophic Injuries

A catastrophic injury is defined as an injury that is so serious that it leaves the victim with permanent damage. Car accidents commonly cause catastrophic injuries, both temporary and permanent. Serious injuries often mean greater medical expenses for treatment and recovery and missed time from work. Emotional and psychological pain and suffering is often greater in these types of injury cases as well. Our experienced Charleston catastrophic injury lawyers can help you put together a strong claim to fight for the full compensation that you deserve.

We have secured settlements for all types of injuries, including:

Taking Control of Your Case

Though you may have suffered from an extremely bad event, you do not have to remain a victim. Choose to take action and protect your rights by filing a legal claim to hold the responsible parties accountable when the law supports that personal injury claim. Winning your case could result in receiving financial compensation that could help ease your worries about the future and help our community be safer. If you want to pursue legal action, it is of the utmost importance that you select an experienced and aggressive personal injury attorney to build your case.

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At Kahn Law Firm, LLP, our Charleston catastrophic injury attorneys have 95 years of combined experience and we treat our clients' needs as our biggest priority. We take extra care and attention to each of our clients, tailoring each case to their exact needs and going through an exhaustive investigation process. We rely on indisputable facts to support your case, and we are so confident our methods enable our clients to secure compensation that we don't charge any fees until and unless we win!

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