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There is never a good time or place for an automobile accident, but it is often what happens after the accident that determines how devastating the impact will ultimately be. State traffic laws may incentivize safe driving, but there are still thousands of injury-causing auto accidents each year in Charleston County. While insurance requirements help provide a means for financial compensation, insurance companies are notorious for offering low-ball settlements or trying to deny claims.

With an experienced Charleston car accident attorney in your corner, you're protected against the insurance companies, corporate giants, banks, hospitals, and the government who aren't always looking out for your best interests. Without an experienced lawyer by your side, you may well find yourself victimized a second time! At Kahn Law Firm, LLP, we've been looking out for our clients from the very beginning. With decades of experience, you can rest assured that we’ve worked on many cases like yours and know how to proceed to get you the compensation you need to recover.

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How Is Liability Determined Following an Auto Accident?

Sometimes, it is readily apparent who the offending party was in a car accident. However, other times assigning fault may require a lengthy investigation, court hearing or trial. In some situations, liability is shared between two or more parties.

Most auto accidents are a result of:

    Cars in Traffic Jam
  • Ignoring traffic signs or signals
  • Driving too fast or too slow
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Bad weather conditions
  • Distracted driving
  • Texting or using a cell phone while driving
  • Driver fatigue
  • Aggressive driving

At Kahn Law Firm, LLP, we are not satisfied with only second-hand sources. Instead, we conduct a full investigation of our own to ensure the strength of each and every case. This includes visiting the scene of the accident, interviewing witnesses, and searching out public records. By investigating each accident so thoroughly, we're often able to reach a settlement without having to file a lawsuit.

What Should I Do After a Car Accident?

  • Stay calm and call the police. Do not leave the scene of an accident, even if you believe you aren’t at fault. Remain at the scene, call the police, and wait for them to arrive. When the police arrive, they will determine who may be at fault and write up a report – find out how you can get a copy of the police report for your claim.
  • Check for injuries. If you, a passenger, or the other driver is injured, call an ambulance right away.
  • Gather information. Get the names of the driver, their insurance information, and their license plate numbers. Take pictures of the scene, your car, and your injuries from several different angles. Write down contact information of any witnesses.
  • Don't admit fault. Even something as simple as saying “I’m sorry,” can be interpreted as admitting fault for the accident.
  • See a doctor. Not all injuries show up immediately. Even if you feel fine, you should always see a doctor to make sure that you have not been seriously injured. If you do not see a doctor, insurers may think you are not injured and may deny your claim.
  • Contact an attorney. If you hire a personal injury attorney to handle your claim, insurers are more likely to take you seriously and settle your claim for a fair amount.

We only charge legal fees if we recover compensation, so you can be confident in our ability to deliver great results. Don't wait to file an injury claim after your car accident.

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